Why you must visit Goa (and stay at Villa Morjim) in November

Why you must visit Goa (and stay at Villa Morjim) in November

Goa is one of India’s best gifts to the world. Tourists come from all around the globe to visit this little place for several purposes – surfing, yoga, food, the beaches, and a happening nightlife. Your trip changes its vibe depending on who you go with – your friends, your family, or your loved ones. There is something for everyone to do, and it is this versatility that has people coming back for more.

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Goa is magical at any time of the year, but there is something special about visiting in November, just before the peak season and December rush sets in. This is the lull before the storm, of sorts – the best of the best restaurants and entertainment options are open again after the off season break and are all competing to put their best foot forward to make an impact, with the hope of influencing the anticipated crowds of December. Moreover, for people who want to enjoy the beauty of Goa without the crowded beaches, visiting in November is an excellent idea.

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There are several other reasons why a visit to the sunshine state would be a welcome move in the month of November. Firstly, the cost of your plane ticket would not be as inflated as those presented to us during peak December season (Fair warning – it’s already a good time to book your flights if you’re planning to visit Goa around Christmas or New Years). Next thing to consider are your hotel rooms or villas. At Villa Morjim, we usually get many enquiries and bookings for dates towards the end of the year, but if booked in advance, you can snag a few days for you and your loved ones. Usually, it is a herculean task to find hotel rooms or villas during peak season, especially if it is last minute. People like to book their choice of stay for long periods of time.

Villa morjimAnother thing to consider in December – you have to plan your outings well in advance. Calling up restaurants and bars to make a reservation is a must and failure to do so means you will have to wait really long to get a table. On the flip side, just one month earlier is a completely different experience. While Goa is not as packed yet, it still has a high rate of visitors, but you won’t have to stress so much on planning and making reservations. In fact, in most places, you can get away with not making a reservation and still be treated to the best service they have to offer – as these restaurants and bars are fresh off a long off-season break. You can also be sure to have a more enjoyable dining experience, as the restaurants may be full but not bursting at its seams.

Traffic is another thing visitors often fail to factor in their decision making on whether to visit in November or December. Roads can get easily packed in December with so many festivals, parties and the general Christmas and New Year celebrations all happening at the same time. While these are fun to be at, for those just looking to unwind and relax towards the end of the year, November poses less of a hassle and almost certainly – less time spent in traffic during your visit to Goa.

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These reasons are plenty to motivate you to plan ahead, book good tickets and enjoy a relaxing staycation at Villa Morjim, which is conveniently located close to good restaurants, some nice attractions and plenty of beaches. So don’t put it off till the last minute, this is the best decision you have yet to make!

Here’s what some of our guests who have stayed at Villa Morjim have to say – 

“Guys I mean it when I say it, there is no better place in Goa that balances comfort, luxury, convenience, and value other than Villa Morjim. To say I recommend it would be an understatement, if you’re in Goa you simply must stay there and trust me you will not regret it.”

– Rahul Sekhri

“This is a fantastic property perfectly located in one of the best areas of Goa which is Morjim. The property is right on the riverfront and just 5 minutes from the beach, letting you relax in peace & quiet or go down to some of the most happening bars and restaurants in Goa at your leisure…”

– Umang T.

“After having visited Goa a few times in the past and staying in hotels, I stayed at Villa Morjim for three nights, and did not want to leave! It provided me with everything I needed for a relaxing getaway from New Delhi…”

– A. Singh

Villa Morjim & The Orchard at Peora Estates are both projects by Countrywide Luxury.

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