Hidden Gems of Goa

Hidden Gems of Goa

There is no dearth of places to visit and food to eat when visiting Goa. In fact, no two trips can ever be alike unless you are a creature of habit. This is totally fine, but it just means you miss out on so many exciting experiences. Our latest article focuses on the hidden gems of Goa. From beloved restaurants with a cult following of patrons to unique places that may not be on your radar – we have rounded up a few of our favourite places so that you can enjoy something off-beat and local. 


As foodies, and regular visitors to Villa Morjim, Goa – the owners of Countrywide Luxury make it a point to set out looking for new and exciting experiences for our guests to enjoy. Not much planning is needed. As long as you have a car and driver, or are hiring a ride for the day, you are good to go.  

Below are Villa Morjim approved hidden gems of Goa –


Hidden Gems - Vinayak Family Restaurant
Credits: MO (Zomato)

Vinayak Family Restaurant, Assagao – This hole in the wall eatery serves up some of the best authentic Goan seafood at affordable prices. You can find Vinayak in a lane with a view of open fields. Popular dishes include the crab masala and the fish thali. Nearly everything on the menu is excellent, and the place is always full. Don’t be too surprised if you come back for another meal on the same trip. 

Distance from Villa Morjim – 23 minutes by car. 


Tropical Spice Plantation – India is home to so many different spices, so it is worth paying a visit to the Tropical Spice Plantation. If you do a guided tour, spice isn’t the only thing on the agenda. This particular place is also a mini bird sanctuary. There are over 75 different species of birds housed in here in a bid to contribute to wildlife conservation. To get up close without disrupting them, the tour guides take you out to the lakes on boats. You can even go to a butterfly garden that that is a gorgeous addition to the existing ecosystem. Consider paying a visit and exploring this location. 

Distance from Villa Morjim – 1 hour 38 minutes by car.


Hidden Gems - Starlight Restaurant, Arpora
Credits: Nyzel Peter Pontes (Zomato)

Starlight, Arpora – Another casual restaurant serving delicious food is Starlight. Try the calamari, the fish thali, mussels and prawn pickle. The service is good and the atmosphere very relaxed. Like all typical Goan joints, you can expect good music to be playing, dim lighting and candlelit tables. 

Distance from Villa Morjim – 30 minutes by car. 


Fort Tiracol – Originally a defence fort, it is now a heritage hotel. This place is worth visiting, especially if you have an eye for architecture and an appreciation for history. Housed on a cliff overlooking the Arabian sea and the Tiracol river, you know the views are going to be surreal. In the middle of the courtyard, there is a charming church that dates back to the 17th century. Consider paying a visit and exploring this beautiful location. 

Distance from Villa Morjim – 48 minutes by car.


Hidden Gems - Noronha's Corner, Anjuna
Credits: Noronha’s Corner

Noronha’s Corner, Anjuna – This is a family-run restaurant that operates out of a food truck named after them. Owned by three brothers who were taught to cook by their father, this is a dream place for meat lovers. Some popular items are the spicy chorizo burger, the roast beef burger with sausages and their pork burgers. Bear in mind that this is a very popular place so the food might run out if you get there too late. Go on time, place your order and don’t forget to get a chilled beer to wash down this delectable meal. 

Distance from Villa Morjim – 24 minutes by car. 


Spice Goa, Mapusa – This restaurant is located off the Mapusa highway. If you are a pescatarian, then this place is for you. The owners are known for their fondness of fish, and traditional authentic Goan curries made with love and home-made masalas. The fish is fresh as it is caught every morning. You must try their prawns wrapped in banana leaf, the Kurli Rock crabs in pernem xacuti masala and the crab bhurji. Don’t forget to order the sukha clams along with a cold beer. The menu does have usual suspects like butter garlic crab and lobster. You might need to unbutton those pants after the meal. Or you can just go back to Villa Morjim for a well deserved afternoon siesta like a true Goan local. 

Distance from Villa Morjim – 29 minutes by car. 


Chorla Ghat – This would be a full day trip taking you to an intersection of where Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra meet. Chorla Ghat is one part of the Western Ghats and is at an elevated height of 800 metres. You can see the Twin Vajra Waterfalls and the Peak of Lasni Temb. If you have a taste for adventure, there are treks, hikes, jungle walks and machans. Rare species of wildlife like the barred wolf snake can be seen in the forests of Chorla Ghat. 

Distance from Villa Morjim – 2 hours by car. 


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Hidden Gems - Villa Morjim


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