Conceptualizing The Orchard – A chat with Siddharth

Conceptualizing The Orchard – A chat with Siddharth

The Orchard at Peora Estates has been overwhelmed by the love and positivity it has received from its guests over the past two years. A lot of our guests have asked us about how and why The Orchard came to be, and this is why we decided to rope in Siddharth Bansal, the man behind the hotel to shed light on all the frequently asked questions.

Q: What made you choose Peora?
Siddharth: Growing up in Delhi in the 90’s, we always escaped to the hills during summer and the long weekends. We often went to Nainital because we had a small apartment there, however, there came a point when the family stopped going up because our escape didn’t really feel like an escape anymore. It was like being in a big city with high levels of noise, pollution and overcrowding thanks to the influx of tourists. Thus began the search for something that was away from the cities in the mountains. It was important for us to have a space to unwind and relax especially because we live in Delhi. We are very familiar with Uttarakhand so my father started scouting for property in the quiet and peaceful Kumaon region. And this is how we ended up in the hamlet of Peora. The winding roads, surreal views, ample sunshine and water drew all of us to this sleepy little village.

Q: What inspired you to get into the hotel business in a hill station?
Siddharth: Similar to us, other people were also suffering from the issue of popular hill stations basically becoming tourist traps. The natural beauty of places like Nainital, Shimla, Mussoorie, Manali and several others was slowly becoming tainted with overcrowding, trash, and alarming levels of pollution. We have ourselves to thank for this. This led us to believe that if we created “true getaway” from city life, where one would appreciate the proximity to nature but at the same time be able to enjoy the true luxuries of a home, perhaps this could be an exciting and interesting project.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the décor? Why?
Siddharth: When we first stumbled upon Peora, the stark resemblance to Tuscany was uncanny. Rolling hills, winding gravel roads, fruit trees and the general sense of peace really left a strong resemblance. It was like a slice of Italy had been found in India. This is why we approached an architect who specialized in Tuscan homes and villas. We believe that architecture should match the setting and complement the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Q: Why do you think Peora is a great getaway?
Siddharth: As I have been coming to Peora and its surrounding areas over the last 8 years, I have grown to realise the importance of getaways like this. Being in a city gets to you mentally and physically (especially a city like Delhi). Humans are made to be surrounded by trees, birds, and animals and live in harmony with nature.

Instead, we are stuck in concrete jungles where we don’t have the time to even notice what the natural world around us is up to. That coupled with air and noise pollution, aggression, bad weather, and a monotonous schedule makes life stressful and not enjoyable. Being in an environment surrounded by nature breaks this and we experience things we would never in the cities.

From picking fresh fruit off the trees, hearing the different songs the birds sing, watching the baby goats frolic up the hill, breathing in pure oxygen; the daily life here is different, slower, and a lot nicer! In the fast-paced world we live in today, it is important  to take a break and slow down every once in a while.

Here’s what some of our guests have had to say –

“People sometimes refer to holidays as “getaways“, because it’s quite literally a means for them to ‘get away’ from things are that stressful or bothersome in the daily lives. We all need these getaways from time to time.

I have been on hundreds of holidays, but my stay at The Orchard was my first true getaway.”

– Daniel Hejl

“I highly recommend the Orchard to anyone visiting Uttarakhand or even looking for a peaceful retreat. Sensational Experience 10/10!!”

– Shaurya Rastogi

“If there’s one place I’d recommend to stay in the mountains, this would be it. The treks, the picnics, the views, the sky, the people, the food – amazing. Big shoutout to the Bansal family for building and running this place!”

– Arjun Puri

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