Privacy Policy

  • We, at The Orchard, respect your right to privacy. Any personal information that you share with us including your name, date of birth, address, marital status, telephone number, credit card particulars etc. will be entitled to complete privacy and will be kept confidential.

  • The Orchard assures you that your personal information shall not be used or disclosed, except in the case of doing the intended business with you, or if required to be disclosed under the due process of law.

  • The Orchard assures you that in the event of your personal information being shared with its subsidiaries, business associates etc., such sharing of information shall be for the purpose of doing intended business with you.

  • The Orchard reserves its rights to collect, analyse and disseminate aggregate site usage patterns of all its visitors with the purpose of enhancing the experience to its visitors. This includes sharing the information with its subsidiaries, and business associates as a general business practice.

  • In the course of its business The Orchard may hold on-line contests as permitted by law and it reserves its right to use and disseminate the information so collected to enhance its services to its visitors. This shall also include sharing the information with its subsidiaries and business associates as a general business practice.

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy issues, please do not hesitate to contact The Orchard at

  • While The Orchard assures you that it will do its best to ensure the privacy and security of your personal information, it shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any violation or misuse of your personal information by unauthorised persons consequent to misuse of the internet environment.

  • Cookies :- To personalise your experience on our website or to support one of our promotions, we may assign your computer browser a unique random number called a cookie. “Cookies” enhance website performance in important ways like personalising your experience, or making your visit more convenient. Your privacy and security are not compromised when you accept a “cookie” from our website. Soulitude does not use “cookies” to collect personal information. “Cookies” cannot read data from your computer’s hard disk or read cookie files from other websites.

  • The Orchard reserves its rights to revise this privacy policy from time to time at its discretion with a view to making the policy more user friendly.

In the design of our website, we have taken care to draw your attention to this privacy policy so that you are aware of the terms under which you may decide to share your personal information with us. Accordingly, should you choose to share your personal information with us, The Orchard will assume that you have no objections to the terms of this privacy policy.