Monsoon at The Orchard – A Refreshing Experience

Monsoon at The Orchard – A Refreshing Experience

After two months of sweltering summer heat, the monsoon is a welcome change for city dwellers. The first rain showers bring a change in temperature and bring with it a collective sigh of relief to the people. The farmers get water for their crops, the lakes and rivers are replenished, and the forests, parks and gardens bloom after the first drink of the season.

Flowers at The Orchard in the Monsoon

The monsoon season is also an excellent time to travel. If you are seeking solace, or quality time with family in a far off place, now is the time to go. The Orchard, our luxury boutique hotel in Peora, Uttarakhand is open to guests through the year.  If you are yearning for a relaxing getaway, safely ensconced from the rains, but close enough to enjoy the beauty then you should consider booking a stay with us. If you are someone who likes visiting historic landmarks and cultural hotspots, the rains are a great time to visit. The roads are empty, the queues are non-existent, and you won’t have to put up with the constant clamouring one is wont to expect from an Indian tourist locale.

Monsoon at The Orchard
Monsoon at The Orchard

Living in a city has its perks, but there is no place to go when it is storming outside. Usually, the drains get water-logged, the roads face flooding, traffic comes to a standstill, and public modes of transport shut down due to being ill-equipped for unpredictable weather. And while it is undoubtedly fantastic to spend time at home, a change of scenery might be just what the doctor ordered. With so many potential holidays, and planning with well-placed sick leaves, you stand to gain a full week of holidays that should be spent having a good time. At our hotel, we can guarantee you excellent sleep, an abundance of good food and luxurious surroundings.

When it comes to activities and passing time in a leisurely manner there is no dearth of things to do at The Orchard. You can simply sit in silence and let the sounds of the raindrops take over, especially when it lands on the tiled roof. Your meals will be accompanied by incredible views of the dramatic clouds. We have a telescope for those who fancy a close up of the planets, the moon and stars scattered around in their celestial abode. On clear nights we recommend you have a closer look.

With your loved ones, there are plenty of board games to choose from so that there is love and laughter through the late hours of the night. If you are a person who craves solitude and silence you can enjoy a piping hot cup of tea or coffee while appreciating the breezy monsoon winds. For lovers of reading, there are plenty nooks one can avail of for this sacred act – our personal favourite spot is to read by the window. Especially when it is pouring outside.

By the way, in case we forgot to mention – The Orchard has a great view of the Himalayan mountain ranges on a clear day right from the comfort of your room.  For prime views of the mountain ranges, book your stay ahead of time. So what are you waiting for? If this is what you desire then know that it is yours if you really want it. We welcome you to our wonderful hotel be it for a weekend, a week or even longer…

Monsoon view of the Himalyas from The Orchard
View of the Himalayas from The Orchard

Read what some of our customers have to say on TripAdvisor:

“….The drive was decent as the roads on the route Delhi-Moradabad-Kaladhungi-Nainital-Peora are quite solid even during/after the rain season. On the drive up from Nainital, we stopped briefly at the Kainchi Dham Mandir. We were eager to visit Neeb Karori Baba’s Ashram at Kainchi. Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg are amongst the people that have to the ashram for spiritual introspection. The serenity and peace I felt at Kainchi was amazing.” – Abdullah H

“I visited The Orchard at Peora in August of 2016 and I was blown away. Having travelled most of the world, from Australia to Denmark, South Africa to Brazil, Turkey to China, USA to Malaysia, I am honestly yet to see a property more tastefully done than the Orchard” – Arjan Rangar


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