Why You Should Visit Villa Morjim This Monsoon

Why You Should Visit Villa Morjim This Monsoon

The arrival of the monsoons marks a seasonal change. We don’t just mean with the weather. As the summer days depart, travellers from all over the world flock back to their hometowns, making it off-season in Goa. We all know Goa very well in peak months, but have you had the chance to discover the beauty of this gorgeous place during the monsoons? It is incredible.

In earlier days, there was never anything to do at this time of the year. Restaurants that were buzzing every night were shuttered down till the peak season came around. Activities were at best minimal. And where there used to be a cacophony of sounds, there is only silence paired with the rain showers. It would be easy to say that Goa was basically a ghost town. But that was back then.

monsoonsToday, Goa in the monsoons has its own charm. In fact, it is hauntingly beautiful in the rains. Yes, access to the beach is limited, and we wouldn’t recommend going down there during unpredictable weather, but it is the perfect opportunity to make the most of a homestay. If you are looking to beat a hasty retreat from city living, then a visit to Villa Morjim is just what you need. The monsoons can be a nightmare experience when living in the cities, with traffic jams all over the place, waterlogging and unreliable transport systems. Consider giving your loved ones a well-deserved break. With the only agenda being relaxation and maintaining strong connections with your favourite people.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars that opt to remain open even during the monsoons. Making it easier for holiday goers to have the choice to go out or stay indoors. We have curated a list of some of the restaurants and bars that will keep your culinary palate entertained should the need arise.


Restaurants and Bars open in the Monsoon are listed below. 
Gunpowder, Saunto Vaddo, Assagao
Ciao Bella, Assagao
Sublime, Assagao
Burger Factory, Anjuna
Rocket Bar, Vagator
Baba Au Rhum, Anjuna
Starlight Cafe, Calangute
Black Market, Panaji
Black Sheep Bistro, Panaji
Mr Gelato, Anjuna
Oltremarino, Anjuna
Bistro Botanique, Assagao

Dining out with the rains in the background can make for a romantic and intimate experience. Do not lose out on the opportunity to woo your partner with good food, live music and better conversation.

Remember what we said about there being very little to do in the olden days? Well, the opposite holds true now. Several bars and restaurants have special nights of the week where things are more happening, and more of the local crowd can be found here. On the activity front, you will also learn that classes are aplenty. You can learn whatever you want because there is always someone around to teach. From music lessons to practising in a yoga studio or learning a new language – Goa is your little oyster.

The rains are often accompanied by a lousy phone connection. Take solace in knowing that your work cannot reach you. The million life updates that social media forces on you will take a little bit longer to load – giving you a rare chance to stay focused in the present.

One of the best things about Villa Morjim in the rains – is the quality of sleep. With a river right in your backyard, the water flowing and the rain showers play a part in creating a wondrous harmony that allows for drifting into a deep, stress-free slumber. So if this appeals to you (we know it already does) then make a booking soon – because the rain and the absolute peace it offers is calling your name.

What Our Guests Have to Say:
“…The standout feature of the villa is the recently added panoramic suite on the top floor with a spa-ready bathroom and sweeping views of the water and lush greenery all round….”
“Whether you visit during nesting time for the Ridley Sea Turtles or in the throes of monsoon, the beach is breathtaking and you can enjoy a deserted view between you and the endless horizon. 
No matter the time of year, Villa Morjim is the perfect place to stay when you’re looking to unwind with friends, experience exemplary service and enjoy India in a way the rest of the subcontinent cannot offer!”

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