Corporate Getaways with Countrywide Luxury

Corporate Getaways with Countrywide Luxury

At Countrywide Luxury, we host our guests at two stunning properties in India. The first is The Orchard, a luxury boutique hotel situated in Peora, Uttarakhand and the second is the stunning and spacious Villa Morjim in Goa. Both properties alike make for great getaways from daily routines and can be great options for corporate getaways and retreats. 

hill station corporate getaway orchard peora

Considering our properties are both relatively small in size, they would make the perfect setting for a weekend of bonding with team members (especially startups and small teams) that help your company function smoothly on a daily basis. There is so much to gain from rewarding the people who work for you and your company. No matter how small your company is, there will be days when things get stressful, especially with corporate jobs. From your employees point of view, they come to work to earn a living. That is the be all and end all of work for them. However, it would be wonderful for them if work becomes a place they love, a place where creativity is sparked or passions are at an all time high.

When employees come in to work with a positive mindset, your company will thrive. But if morale is low, or there is a clash between employees, or a failure to understand how to work collaboratively; then it is the company that suffers the brunt of these problems. Problems that can be solved and more so avoided easily through the means of a little out-station retreat for your employees.

Corporate collage orchard peora villa morjim goa

Too often, we get stuck in the machinery of work that we fail to see the people around us as people with interests, dreams, hopes and passion. We see them as the nuts and bolts or a part of a whole that gets things done in order to propel forward but if you take the time to reward your employees and show your appreciation for them, the quality of work will be superior and the relationships between founder and employees or within the employees will foster and flourish; thus making the work environment one that is happy and more likely to be successful. Besides, being together in a new environment, out of the office on a corporate getaway can help relieve stress and nurture stronger relationships amongst team members.

orchard corporate getaway

So whether you want to be surrounded by Himalayan ranges, or near a beach, we have both of those options available to you. We are sure that when the getaway comes to an end, there will be a unanimous agreement between you and your teammates that this was the best idea ever. People who thought you were unapproachable will come to you with ideas they were too scared to bring to your notice, and work life will have so many more layers and depths than just profits and earnings.

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