The Orchard, inspired by Agriturismo

The Orchard, inspired by Agriturismo

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” – Giuseppe Verdi

Bella Italia! If ever there was a place deserving of the title ‘heaven on earth’ it is this beautiful country. With gorgeous coastal roads (Hello Amalfi coast!), the rugged but charming countryside landscape dotted with farms and agricultural land – there are so many reasons that we can list for why we at Countrywide Luxury have been inspired by the Italian way of life.

How could we forget the food! Here, the produce is fresh and the recipes so simple, yet your taste buds can never anticipate the culmination/amalgamation of flavours that could come from a dish so simple. Family is important and every one swears that their nonna (grandmother) makes the best food at home. You will only truly understand the meaning behind the famous Italian phrase “La Dolce Vita” which translates to a life that is full of pleasure and luxury, after you have explored the country and its culture.

In a bid to build on the authentic experience of travellers, Italian tourism has introduced to the world a unique and soulful experience known as agriturismo. This Italian term translates into agricultural tourism. Now hold up, if you are picturing yourself toiling away on a farm, let us assure you that it is simply not the case. Yes, whatever you would expect would happen in a farm does happen but not for the guests. If you check into a farm, you are going to be treated very well. Really, this kind of a vacation is for those who want an authentic experience of life in rural Italy and for those desiring a holiday that is slow paced.

What can you expect during your stay in a farm?
Well firstly, you would be paying for a room in a countryside farmhouse. You will be able to enjoy exceptional views and the most amazing food prepared with love by the owners of the farm. Different farm homes (agriturismi) offer a variety of activities ranging from learning how to cook authentic Italian food, or touring the area or sampling wines from the region. There is no compulsion to do anything if your end goal is to make the most of rest and relaxation in a beautiful Italian setting.

Having learnt and experienced the joy of agriturismo first hand, we at Countrywide Luxury were keen to bring a similar concept into India. Rolling hills, winding roads, pine forests and trees laden with apples, oranges and other fruits set the scenery at our property in Peora. The creative direction we therefore undertook when conceptualizing The Orchard, our luxury boutique hotel in Peora, was very much inspired and heavily influenced by Italy’s farm stays. The hotel has been designed by a renowned Italian architect as a Tuscan Farmhouse set in the beautiful Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Tiles and marble imported from Italy adorn the floors of the property, while graceful arches and galleries lead you to luxurious guest quarters. Outside, the verandahs and balconies are perfectly positioned to maximise the sweeping vistas of valleys, hills and the majestic Himalayas.

Other elements that offer a likeness to a farm stay include a farm to fork dining experience where the food is grown in and around the hotel property and utilised as ingredients for appetising and healthy meals. There is an emphasis on sustainability and The Orchard has taken steps to conserve and protect the environment without hindering the guest’s comforts. You can read more about all our sustainable efforts in our past blog post.




Our luxurious getaway was created with Italian sensibilities and made to pamper and charm its guests. Here’s what some of our guests had to say:

“Before booking this trip I had four things in mind (I’m from Italy and just in India for a brief period):
1. I need to get out of the city, breathe some fresh air and get away from meetings, problems etc. 2. I need to go a place surrounded by nature and as untouched as possible. 3. I need good and healthy food with great service. With this in mind I started looking and stumbled upon The Orchard. I ended up staying there for 4 nights in January and I could not have been happier.”

– Pierpaolo Piatto

The property which is inspired by a Tuscan villa is rather unique and does succeed in its attempt to transport you to Italy. Beautiful architecture, well designed rooms, and lots of great common areas. Loved that all the rooms have cracking fireplaces and lots of sunlight. Oh and not to forget the well heated floors! You can be sure that you’re gonna be nice and cozy. I personally loved the fact that the property didn’t feel like a hotel – it felt like being in someone’s home.”

– Nivy M

“For those who love European architecture and design, you’ll feel at home right away. The house makes you feel like you are in Italy, although you’re really in Uttarakhand. There are many spaces to sit outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the fresh air and mountain views. The patio in front overlooks the Kumaon range, the patio out back (my personal favourite) is lovingly called the “los naranjos” and is designed to mimic Spanish spaces with pebbles with orange/narangi trees planted at every few feet.”

– Diksha Kaur

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