Offline is the new luxury: Disconnecting from Technology at The Orchard

Offline is the new luxury: Disconnecting from Technology at The Orchard

Have you ever tried to do a digital detox? Simply put, it is when you unplug all your tech devices and try to live in the now. Disconnecting from technology is indeed becoming increasingly important. So much of our lives are spent staring into small screens with bright lights, which can damage our eyes over time. With work being accessible 24×7, communicating with colleagues, friends and family through Whatsapp and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram – it really feels like we don’t know how to power off anymore. In the long run, too much exposure can be damaging to mental health.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when you travel to a new place, is that you will be connected. Through sim cards, free wifi zones, internet cafes, hotspots and so many other avenues – there is always a way to get online. Carrying tech devices with us is second nature and being provided with technology is to be honest, at this point, very much expected. It is safe to say being connected is so…common. Try as you might, it is really difficult to just go offline what with being able to work from laptops, tablets, phones, watches, and other devices. 

According to an article published by Fast Company, there have been studies carried out that shed light on worrying results – too much social media and screen time leads to narcissistic traits in people, inability to sleep at night (insomnia) and is making kids immune to empathy. These are a few problems among several others that have cropped up over time. The concept of excessive digital dependency may have detrimental effects and it is important for all of us to spend a lot more time disconnected from our devices.

It is largely due to the worrying facts mentioned above that The Orchard, a luxury boutique hotel in Peora, intentionally does not have any televisions installed on the property and internet connectivity is minimal. We want to encourage people to disconnect and enjoy their vacation which is why we now offer special discounts to those guests who are willing to completely switch off from their devices*. This was done with the intention that guests enjoy every bit of their stay at the hotel. While some of you may believe that there is nothing worse than not being connected, we say it is the other way around. Getting inundated with so many notifications, be it from social media or your work email is a jail sentence especially on a holiday. Think about it this way, we are all living on borrowed time. If we are really lucky – we get about 30,000 days in our life – that is a very finite amount of time to live, to enjoy new experiences, and to connect with our loved ones through conversation and making fun, memorable moments that don’t always have to be validated through social media. The whole “but did it really happen if you don’t put proof on social media” is a tired trope and really needs to stop. And in any case if you really want to share a moment with your followers, you can do that after your break.

As a hotel, we feel we have succeeded when we see our guests gather around over a meal and indulge in hearty discussions, or when we see someone reading a really good paper back book, or when we see a guest get back to old passions by getting time to sketch, or when a beautiful sunset is appreciated through the best pair of lenses that we already have – our eyes. Another thing you can count on is improved quality of sleep. With no distractions, your eyes will get a much-needed break and you will find yourself waking up with the sun.

So next time you are thinking of planning a trip with the sole intention of disconnecting from the internet, know that you have us at The Orchard, always ready to welcome and encourage you.

*Subject to terms & conditions. Please email or call us to know more about this program.

Here’s what some of our other guests, who have been able to ‘switch off’ at The Orchard have to say –

“Overlooking the Kumaon valley, under a million stars with planets rising & setting in the sky, this luxury-boutique-resort-home makes you feel like the royalty’s weekend-getaway….. What an experience! (Didn’t take my phone out for days)”

– Ninad

“I am so glad that there are no TVs or loud telecom phone rings.. all you could hear were the birds or their 2 adorable pet dogs – Gabbar and Simba.”

– Mansi B

“…If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet and be pampered while you’re at it, this is the place for you!”

– MukP

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