Celebrating Life’s Important Milestones at The Orchard 

Celebrating Life’s Important Milestones at The Orchard 

“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities, seize common occasions and make them great” – Orion Swett Marden 

At the turn of the new year comes another round of memorable dates – your birthday, your marriage anniversary, parents’ birthdays and their wedding anniversaries, graduation day and so on. There are countless reasons to celebrate and each milestone is a subtle reminder to all of us that we are alive and every moment should be cherished and celebrated with gusto. 

Too often life goes by and we keep promising ourselves that next year will be the year we do something different. This is a trap because suddenly your whole life has gone by and all you have are wistful dreams and missed opportunities. That does not seem like a place anyone would want to visit, so this year (and every year onwards), we warmly welcome you to celebrate your special days and moments with your loved ones at our luxury boutique hotelThe Orchard. 

 If you’re looking for something different and a new place to discover, The Orchard is right up your alley; offering a stark contrast to the normal way of celebrating life. With civilization so far removed, technology on the back burner, natural beauty everywhere you can see, starry skies, and ethereal views of the Himalayas make The Orchard an idyllic setting for a monumental occasion. While this is perfect for romantic couples, families will take joy in precious time spent together without the petulant distractions city-living tends to dole out. 

So what can we as your hosts do to take your celebration to the next level? Our in-house chef can curate a special personalized plated menu based on your (and your celebratory party members’) preferences, with the meal running into multiple courses. 

Every celebration deserves fine attention to detail, especially when it comes to ambience and setting. We understand this and therefore encourage that most celebratory dinners be done outdoors – underneath a blanket of stars, next to the fountain, in the courtyard or even in our private orchard! You can trust us to add in the extra touches, bringing in a degree of panache with additions such as traditional lanterns and an array of beautiful candles. 

Alternatively, some of you may choose to venture out in the day for a celebratory picnic. We will organize our open jeep, along with staff members to assist and serve you wherever your chosen spot may be. Personally, we’ve always enjoyed excursions inside the forests… there’s nothing quite like having the beautiful woods all to yourself. Needless to say, you also can trust our chef to prepare a gourmet meal for your group to take along.  (Just be sure to inform our staff of your requirements the previous evening). 

While you can trust us to make every single moment special for you during your stay at The Orchard, we assure you that if you have a reason to celebrate, regardless of what it may be – our staff will go over and above to ensure you have an unforgettably satisfying experience 🙂


Here’s what some of our guests, who have celebrated at The Orchard have had to say –

“We were a few friends celebrating a birthday at the lounge room, which has a selection of games and a wonderful fireplace. It opens out to a beautiful garden where we had an evening warmed by a roaring log fire and drinks. Special mention to the staff as they made each moment seamless and flawless. Their undying zest to help out and hospitality was impeccable.

– Mandira Singh

“What really impressed me most was how warm everyone was – thank you team Orchard at Peora for going out of your way to make sure I had a truly wonderful birthday.”

– Ankita S.

“To celebrate our 20th anniversary we headed to Peora with friends at the end of May, and what a delight our trip was. Having traveled intensely all over the world, The Orchard was outstanding. The whole experience from the food to the tiny details of soaked almonds on your bedside at night and colour signifying stoles for the next day were truly amazing.”

– Radhika Shah

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