Peora, a getaway for everyone!

Peora, a getaway for everyone!

Visiting The Orchard at Peora Estates is about relaxing and taking in beautiful views of forests and mountains from the comfort of a luxury hotel. While that is definitely the overarching goal for many of our guests, there are a handful of things to do and places to visit during your staycation at The Orchard.

If you are a wildlife lover and nature enthusiast:

Take note, you are visiting a place that is home to over 200 species of birds and 150 species of insects. Leopards, wild boar, deer, nilgai, jackals, and foxes inhabit the region’s lush wildlife. The Kumaon region is filled with trekking trails and along the way, you will come across stunning waterfalls, forests and rivers. Our hotel can organise treks and gourmet picnics and we also have an open jeep especially for safaris and nature drives!

This will definitely get your Instagram feed flowing with love and #scenic pictures! You can thank us later.

If you are a romantic:

Granted, our views and the surrounding natural setting is romantic enough in itself,  but why not take it a step further and surprise your significant other with a lunch date in the middle of a forest or even by the river? Unconventional? Yes, and special too!

You can place a safe bet on scoring a lot of brownie points for this one 😉

An experience like this can transform what seems like just another weekend getaway into a rather exciting and memorable one. After all, how many couples can actually own bragging rights about their partner indulging them in a luxurious gourmet lunch in a fruit orchard or in the midst of a pine forest?

If you are a philanthropist:

There are a few great NGO’s in the vicinity of The Orchard for you to visit, contribute to or volunteer at. Panchachuli is one such NGO dedicated to the social empowerment of women. Over a 1000 women have been trained in the art of weaving wraps, shawls, throws, blankets and so on. From them, you can shop for exotic Tibetan pashminas, merino wool and lambs wool. Aarohi is another NGO where you can purchase products such as apricot oil, lavender cream, aloe vera, jams, honey, pickles, teas and much more.

Buying goods from either of these organizations not only helps empower the people who are making them, but also provides the NGOs with more financial resources to further their social impact. The NGOs empower people financially through employment and improve the quality of their lives through skill training which enables them to produce high quality products while keeping them busy and happy.

If you are one for embracing spirituality:

Home to the holy river Ganga and the four most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites, Uttarakhand is often called ‘Dev Bhoomi’ – which means the ‘Land of the Gods.’ People from across the world have visited the region in search of peace, to seek answers to questions about their life’s true meaning and to master asanas from yoga gurus. Influential visitors have included Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Apple’s Steve Jobs, both of whom seeked blessings from the Ashram of the legendary spiritual master, Shree Neem Karoli Baba, who’s following expands worldwide.

Some sites to visit around The Orchard include Jageshwar, Kakarighat, Kasar Devi & Crank’s Ridge and Kainchi, amongst others. Stay tuned for more information on these places as our blog will explore deeper into these world famous spiritual sites.

Enjoy the ‘beauty of doing nothing’:

In the fast paced world that we live in today, sometimes having the time to do absolutely nothing and just be is a true luxury. For people who are in search of this rare luxury, Peora makes for the perfect destination. Visit us and celebrate the bare essentials – an extraordinarily stunning landscape, an abundance of greenery and spectacular, ethereal views of the Himalayas. Read our previous blog post for more about relaxation at The Orchard.

At The Orchard, we take pride in giving our guests an opportunity to have a well rounded experience. Be it enjoying the luxurious hospitality of the hotel itself, marvelling at nature’s wonders, or checking out day excursions to nearby attractions or pilgrimages, you’re always looked after and provided for when you stay at The Orchard.


Read what some of our customers have had to say on Tripadvisor:

“I really enjoyed my weekend getaway and highly recommend the orchard to anyone looking to get out of town relax and surround yourself with beauty. Perfect romantic getaway as well as a great place to go with a group of friends. If you are adventurous then there great trails and mountain hikes in the area as well!”

K. Naidu


Couldn’t have been better!! Foodie heaven and a warm room in the Company of good friends. Every meal was a gastronomical delight and the excursion to Jageshwar on the last day of the year par excellence!!! Need to be back there really soon!!!

–  Geeta B


I was quite lucky to spot two leopards just few kilometres from the hotel. So look out for the wildlife around the hotel property. There is not doubt that Orchard is one of a kind property in the valley and difficult to find such hospitality and such vibrant vibe. Looking forward to see you soon again. Thank you for giving me such beautiful memories.

– Luv Anand


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